Welcome onboard!

Welcome to the webpage of the Steamboat Association (Sällskapet Ångbåten), Ångbåten Ekonomisk Förening, The Steamer Bohuslän (Ångaren Bohuslän) and Ferry No 4 (Färjan 4).

Here you will find the story on how the Steamer Bohuslän once was saved from the scrap yard by a group of young enthusiasts over 50 years ago. Some are still active onboard as well as in the Association!

You will also find the time tables for the ships, and other useful information.


... join us onboard as a volunteer crew member on our vessels.

Many hands are needed to maintain and run our vessels. In the galley, in the engine room, on the deck, on the bridge or in the cafeteria – come join us.

Drop us an e-mail at info@steamboat.se and tell us a bit about yourself.

For 50 years the Ferry No 4 brought people over the river, “between Hising Island and the city”.

For almost 40 years he Ferry No 4 has been a living, working, museum, run by the volunteers from the Steamboat Association.

Island hopping in Bohuslän

Where the mainland ends, a whole new world begins - a world of water, islands and picturesque fishing villages.

For a true archipelago experience there are regular ferry services all along the coast. This means you can bathe on the island of Brännö, hike an interesting trail on Marstrand or enjoy a romantic dinner in Fiskebäckskil. And relax on wonderful boat rides between the islands. Bring along your cycle, your family, a friend or your date. Island hopping is for everyone.

You can find timetables and tips for routes at westsweden.com/island-hopping