For 50 years the Ferry No 4 brought people over the river, “between Hising Island and the city”.

For almost 40 years he Ferry No 4 has been a living, working, museum, run by the volunteers from the Steamboat Association.



The Ferry is K-marked, and a part of our maritime heritage.

In the fall of 2016 a crack in the boiler was found. To do the repairs will be costly.
The estimated cost for the exchange, or repair of the boiler is up to 2 000 000 SEK.

YOU can help by sending your contribution to the repair fond on; Bankgiro: 673-6862, eller Swish: 123 335 29 45, Mark it - “Ferry No 4”

Until now (April 2019) we have received some 130 000 kr (190501) SEK from the public.