Find Stenpiren and Residensbron

The Steamer Bohuslän has its berth at Stenpiren, Göteborg. All our trips from Göteborg departs from here, and they also end here.

Stenpiren (the Stone pier) was built in 1845 and was then the first berth outside Stora Hamnkanalen (the Great Port Channel). At Stenpiren you would find the coastal vessels for the county Bohuslän.

Close to Stenpiren is the ferry berth at Residensbron (Residential Bridge). From here the historical harbour tours with Ferry No 4 (Färjan 4) departs. As early as 1920 the Ferry made it’s first trips between Residensbron and Götaverken, the shipyard on the other side of the river.

Closest stop for trams, buses and boats is Stenpiren.
Parking areas can be found in the vincinty.

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